• Shanxi Province Yuncheng City Eastern New District Urban Design 山西省运城市东部新区城市设计
Yuncheng City Eastern Ecological New District is located in the east of Yuncheng city center, connected to Yunshan expressway, a new core area that the municipal government promotes the construction and development of central district. 
The plan emphasizes a certain degree of compatibility and blending in terms of land use, focusing on spatial composition and structure organization for co-share and exchange, the plan integrates the industry office and living life functional together through "plane composite, three-dimensional composite, co-share and exchanges, cultural strategy". At the same time through a highly mixed neighborhood type of layout and development, it compounds the industry office, business services, hotel and entertainment, cultural exhibitions, health education and living on four levels - parcel, neighborhood, land and building to make them rely on each other in harmonious development, so as to achieve integration and seamless connection of industry living space, creating a vibrant urban prospect.


  • Yuncheng Shanxi Pro
  • 1744ha
  • Concept Design
  • 2014