• Zhengzhou Jiudetang Landscape Design 郑州玖德堂景观设计
Jiude:, quoted by “Gao Taomo” in "Book of History", Jiude is: “generous yet dignified, gentle yet firm, honest yet respectful, talented yet cautious, kind yet resolute, honest yet polite, plain yet integrity, decisive yet pragmatic, powerful yet righteous! “
Inherit the charm and space of garden, recall and feel the charm of classic art.
Well combine traditional with modern styles, Chinese with Western styles, interpreting the new Chinese livable environment.
Combine elements of ethnic characteristics with ecological environment, experiencing different ethnic characteristics.
Utilize simple and natural materials, with different materials, patterns and finished surface to reflect the details.

玖德: 《尚书》中的《皋陶谟》所举玖德:“宽而栗,柔而立,愿而恭,乱而敬,扰而毅,直而温,简而廉,刚而塞,强而义”
用简约自然的材料, 用不同的材质,图案和完成面体现细节。
  • Zhengzhou Henan Pro
  • 1.5ha
  • Landscape Design
  • 2013