• Yangjiang New Times Square Landscape Design 阳江新都汇时代广场景观设计
Center Structure
The center may often be figurative as Obelisk, merit columns, statues or fountains, and even churches and other religious buildings or monuments, etc., e.g. the Shanghai People's Square radiates toward the surrounding space with Shanghai Museum as convergence and divergence core. The famous Italian medieval square - Siena Grand Square is a mononuclear spatial evolution radiating toward the surrounding space in a fan-shaped style with the 
church exit as center.
Axial structure
Dual-core evolution of square space stands between the single-core evolution and multicore evolution, with two, two convergence and divergence cores and two enlarged open spaces. This evolution method often appear in the pedestrian commercial street linking two squares, the node space at both ends is combined with linear space in the middle, walking inside feel rising before inhibition and rising again. 
Multi-polar structure
When the original single-core Square is developed to saturation, and unable to meet the needs of outdoor life for citizens, there may be additional gathering centers or sub-centers in the surrounding area or elsewhere around the square. Alternatively, the functional and properties of the square are differentiated, so that part of the functions will concentrate again in other areas, and concentration of some of the retained functions will be more strengthened because of the improved degree of specialization.

  • Yangjiang Guangdong Pro
  • 20ha
  • Landscape Design
  • 2013