• China Lavender Manor Landscape Design Luoyang He'nan 中国薰衣草庄园景观设计
China Lavender Farm is targeted to build a large creative sightseeing agricultural park integrated with tourism sightseeing, featured agriculture, vacation and health preservation, hotel accommodation and other functions, strives to be only one in Central Plains and leader in the industry.
The design takes full advantage of Yihe River resources, blends with the local culture and creative characteristics of Luoyang City, ingeniously combines rural culture with urban civilization, to build a complete, clear municipal image and good ecological landscape, and create urban agricultural landscape characterized by “paradise of flowers, varying sceneries with changing view-points, city and landscape shines to each other”, building the Chinese Lavender Farm into a shining pearl in the Central Plains, becoming an ideal place for high taste and leisure and vacation.


  • Luoyang Henan Pro
  • 100ha
  • Landscape Design
  • 2014