• Kaifeng Zhuxianzhen Cultural Tourism Demonstration Area 朱仙镇文化旅游示范区景观设计
The designers takes ancient Chinese geomancy – “ stands against mountain at back and overlook water in front, harmony of yin yang” as design concept. In terms of waters, it follows “ proportional layout makes open and wide, dig pond to gather essence” and "dig ditches to surround to extract fortune" so as to build Zhuxian Town distinctive cultural landscape.
According to the characteristics of the project site, it creates a planning pattern of imperial garden, "Imperial city" section is positioned as Granary Hotel, which combines ancient cultural features of Zhuxian Town characteristics, granary culture and characteristics of gardens in south of Yangtze River. By using the design techniques of traditional ancient building, it creates distinctive buildings in line with Zhuxian Town temperament.
The landscape design focuses on combination of elements of hot springs and cave rafting, to construct a unique topography landscape, by using the design techniques of gardens in south of Yangtze River, it is blended with unique Zhuxian Town cultural elements to create a comfortable and gentle, natural and health preservation tourism resort landscape .


  • Kaifeng Henan Pro
  • 3.0ha
  • Landscape Design
  • 2014