• Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall 华能玉环电厂企业文化展厅
The design of Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant Corporate Exhibition combines corporate culture philosophy of Huaneng Group, and triangle unique geographical environment surrounded by water on three sides of Yuhuan Power Plant, as well as beautiful historical story “Yuhuan” for place name. The water-like free curved lines runs mildly long and has beautiful meaning, and combined with "ring" shaped exhibition space of all cultural exhibition zones to achieve balanced spatial effect and well-proportioned lighting atmosphere. A large number of advanced display technology and high-tech sound and light systems have been applied, highlighting the past, present and future in the development process and brand culture footprint of Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant.

  • Taizhou Zhejiang Pro
  • 1500sqm
  • Interior Design
  • 2014