• Vanke & Midea Puyueshan Residential Estate 万科·美的璞悦山高档住宅区
-  The building has the clear primary and secondary structure and a progressive sense of space
-  To create a high-end humanistic culturalenvironment of residence。
-  The cross-shaped courtyard serves as the beginning of the space sequence to shapeout overall coordinationof the community. As the main entrance to the community, it bears the independent entrance of all types of groups.
-  The space experience of oriental garden space is melted into the community to create a living environment and enhance the quality of life.
-  The architectural form follows the strict and graceful proportion and scale of the classical architecture,it hasa stronger sense of the times, identification and iconic.
-  Thiscommunity basicallyachieves the separation of pedestrian andvehicle flows. The vehicle flow is distributed from the outer circulation line or directly into the underground garage. Thepedestrianflow is distributed into household from the community central axis.

—  建筑的主次结构分明,层层递进式的空间仪式感,打造出高端人文的宅第门风。
—  十字院落作为空间序列的开端塑造了社区整体调性,同时作为社区的主入口,承载了各类别组团的独立出入口;
—  社区内部融入东方园林式空间体验,营造住区氛围、提升生活品质。
—  建筑形态沿袭了古典建筑的严谨,优美的比例和尺度关系,时尚而富于古典气息,具有更强的时代感、识别性和标志性。
—  基本实现人车分流,车行从外环流线分流或直接入地库,人行从社区中心轴线分流入户。

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 6.7ha
  • 107,500sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2016