• Xuzhou Yurun New Town Club & Commercial Street 易胜博网站雨润新城会所及商业街
The project is located in intersection of Xushang Road and Zongsan Road, that is the Jiulichu parcel of main urban district of Xuzhou City, close to old urban district of Xuzhou city in the east. 
The project is integrated with the street-front commerce, schools, clubs, neighborhood centers and residential and other functions into one whole, providing all convenience in shopping, school, entertainment, communication and living. The commercial street is set to build an international business center and positioned to strive to become the new image of the city portal, it uses "one core and two axes" overall plan layout philosophy to improve business climate at maximum. Combined with landscape corridor, the owners can experience the strolling leisure. The commercial street adopts the unified neoclassical style the same as surrounding communities in terms of architectural design, i.e. "red brick, beige coating, dark blue tiles, pointed church-like roof", making people feel elegant without subtlety, introverted rather than luxury, feel fit, relaxed, pleasant and comfortable, the space is based on a traditional street to provide intrinsic and tasteful shopping experience.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 42000sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2015