• Suzhou High-tech Industrial Park Talents Apartment and Neighborhood Center 宿州市高新区人才公寓及邻里中心
The project is located in Suzhou City High-tech Industrial Park, the site is close to Xingquan Road in south, to Lingqing Road in east, to North Outer Ring Road in north and Guihua Bypass Road in west.
The Talents Apartment project is actually a concentrated urban life. Therefore, the design should unfold first from the perspective and methods of urban design. As an important urban node of Suzhou City High-tech Industrial Park, the program builds the neighborhood center commercial plaza and the city youth square respectively in the southeast corner and the southwest corner of the site, with an open attitude to interact with the city, making it a stage of urban activities and aggregation center for youth. Taking into account that the architectural form of the project will represent the future image of the region, the Talents Apartment adopts various buildings in an assertive, strong and clear form to reflect the sense of order of their lives into the image of the city, making it become a tailored city logo here through its unique volume and scale.


  • Suzhou Anhui Pro
  • 13.33ha
  • 409800sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2013