• East China Machinery Factory Residential Estate 华东机械厂地块定销房
The parcel emphasizes the design of the main entrance space in south, and it designs a public large landscape area at the main entrance along the north-south axis, to directly draw the pedestrian flow into the central landscape space, combined with the varying sceneries with changing view-points, it also designs a number of group courtyards and trail spaces, the space effect is extremely rich as well as simple and grand. In the meantime, it puts great emphasis on south space design for each residential building to ensure privacy. The residential entrance space is our design focus, giving a sense of high grade.
It focuses on tapping and reflecting the local culture, exploring the creation of regional architecture. From the form of exit and entrance, signs and inscribed board, square layout, show window display, and the stone ...... and so on, it is a visual representation of culture. The implicit cultural characteristics, such as local customs and customs are also reflected in the connotation of culture. The forms of cultural penetration are multifaceted, not necessarily to be applied in some form, but need to create according to local conditions.

注重当地文化的挖掘和体现,探索地域性建筑创作。从出入口的形式,标志和题额,广场的布置,橱窗展示,顽石……等等,都是一种可视的文化表象。而隐性的文化特征,如地方风情、风俗等等叶是文化的内涵的体现。 文化的渗入的形式是多方面的,不一定要应用某种形式,而需要因地制宜的创造。

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 4.3ha
  • 143200sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2014