• Xuzhou Bowen Sunshine Residential Estate 易胜博网站博文·阳光城
Adhering to modern, fresh, crisp design philosophy, it adopts "build garden before house is made-ready" approach to create building residential environment space. To meet the floor area ratio while achieving maximized multi-level. Barrack-style layout meets the local customs, the semi-basement parking and green space are effectively matched to create a change in the horizontal and vertical spaces.
Landscape design: "crisscross" intersects two decent and grand landscape axes, and radiates outward to each group. Divided into "entrance landscape area, central axis landscape area and the residential landscape area" , it consists of a number of greenery nodes in different sizes.
Facade design: the architectural design adheres to minimal, modern and natural dominant design philosophy. Architectural style combines the flat with slope as the main feature to enrich architectural skyline, creating a distinctive sign of residential. The facade style orientation is elegant and refined, using contrast of outer wall bricks and painting to enhance three-dimensional shape of the building.


  • Xinyi Jiangsu Pro
  • 12.65ha
  • 40800sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2013