• Xuzhou Pizhou Museum 邳州博物馆
Pizhou museum was founded in 1988, with the rapid development of economic and social undertakings in Pizhou City, the museum located in the old town has been unable to meet the needs of modern society. It is set to design the new museum, the new site is located in Yunping Road, Pizhou City.
In the overall design, the architectural modeling highlights and creates Pizhou cultural atmosphere, reflecting distinctive regional characteristics, fully demonstrating the essential qualities of "new Han Dynasty Trend" building, to form a city cultural center integrated with museum, folk museum, museum of fine arts. The whole building is designed to be in the symmetrical axis, the facade is designed by using cultured stone dry hanging, and locally matched with bronze tripod, clouds and other relief elements, highlighting the rich cultural atmosphere.
The design philosophy follows the "simple and grand, stately and elegant, natural and smooth, distinctive, scientific and technological and environment-friendly" design principles. The design, in accordance with the display system and contents frame, achieves balanced space, highlighting focal point and full of changes from whole to part, the visitors line runs smooth, and establish the intrinsic link between content and exhibits using a rich display language, to play the role of subliming display theme and enhancing artistic appeal, so that display design not only has higher academic art positioning, but also follow people-oriented principle to meet the aesthetic psychology of the majority of the audience.

在总体设计中,建筑造型突出营造邳州文化氛围,体现鲜明地域特点,充分展示“新汉风”建筑的精髓气质,形成集博物馆、民俗馆、美术馆为一体的城市文化中心。 整体建筑采用中轴线对称设计,外立面采用文化石干挂设计,并局部配以青铜鼎、祥云等浮雕元素,彰显了浓郁的文化氛围。
  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 2.0ha
  • 11200sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2013