• Yining Horgos Vocational and Technical College 伊宁霍尔果斯职业技术学院
The project is located in Yining City, Yili Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, within Yili Vocational Education Park with good educational atmosphere, the site has convenient transportation accessibility, close to the primary road of the city.
Design principles: 1. Put emphasis on the relationship between the campus and the city, in addition to a reasonable solution to the traffic problem, it breaks away from alienation resulting from enclosure, apathy and interface missing of the campus, and make more efforts to desire to integrate it into urban life, and create a perceived urban interface, forming positive, interactive and open organic whole region. 2. Focus on introducing new educational philosophy. And It also introduces "overlay campus", "compact campus", "three-dimensional campus" "campus landscape", "miniature city" and other concepts in the design, to break through the existing linear tedious orderly campus space shape to create a scene style campus with rich experience sense and sense of place under the premise to meet the basic functions within the system. 
  • Yining Xinjiang Pro
  • 15.40ha
  • 103500sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2015