• Tianxin Dist Shed Reconstruction Changsha 湖南天心区棚改项目
The Tianxin District Shanty Town Renovation Project is located in Tianxin District, the project covers the shopping mall, style commercial street, arts and cultural corridor, super high-rise serviced apartments, Grade A office building, some super high-rise residential and other products. The multiple business types will drive up the pedestrian flow and supplement to each other.
The super high-rise business serviced apartment is located on the eastern side of the land parcel, 210 meters high, the iconic high-rise tower blocks interlace and rise up, level upon level like a mountain, soaring into the sky; the business office building ties to super high-rise business office business through changing the parapet skyline, like steep mountains layer on layer. The body of commercial podium is staggered to each other, as if the flying rocks stand dynamic everywhere halfway, constituting the majestic “steep mountains” impression with towers together.
In the commercial space layout, we not only seek to achieve integrity, diversity and circulation of commercial space, but also take care of the commercial marketability, creating a distinctive landmark business. In terms of architectural modeling, it carries the body blocks of different functions to aggregate and intersperse together, and the gap in the middle is the continuation of urban public space. The commercial vitality runs through these public spaces to convey to the city, fully embodying the colorful blooming, smart and stylish active concept.
The building materials of shopping center and commercial building combine stone and glass of very modern sense, supplemented with the interactive platforms of lateral layers, reflecting the project's fashion sense and a sense of quality, the stone, glass, metal aluminum sheet are main materials for commercial street, the fence board in the link corridor combines the texture of different colors of metal aluminum sheet, expressing a lively business atmosphere.


  • Changsha Hunan Pro
  • 3.67ha
  • 329000sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2013