• Chinese People's Liberation Army Engineering Corps Command Academy"5244 Project" Phase 1 工程兵学院“5244工程”一期方案设计
The overall plan is to create a proper, humane design, creating a unique warm, natural living, education and outdoor communication space. It adopts new ideas, new techniques in the design to pay emphasis on reflecting the pilot of plan, the functional layout is reasonable, and in environmental planning it makes full use of their own greenery to create ecological green environment and the strong green humanistic atmosphere.
It follows the “people-oriented” and “close to nature” design philosophy in the overall concept, combine with the actual situation of land, give full play to the advantages of the land. The program design adopts " inside courtyard, courtyard outside courtyard, garden outside courtyard, three-dimensional courtyard" and other space design practices. The parcel emphasizes the space design at the main entrance, and the student dormitories and specialized classroom area lay out along the east-west axis, and the public large landscape area is designed in the
inner court, combined with the varying sceneries with changing view-points, it designs a number of groups and courtyard and trail space, and the space effect is extremely rich.
The buildings use simple blocks plus color process and varied shape to produce rich spatial variations, the unit building design makes use of proper proportion of the glass window area and local variations of materials to produce a strong contrast to the actual situation. The proper glass window area and spacious balcony not only brings into plenty of fresh air and adequate sunshine, but also introduces outdoor landscape into the room, making it an integral part of the interior, the indoor space and outdoor environment are mutually integrated, enriching the overall visual effects.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 1.68ha
  • 21000sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2015