• Shanghai Film Studio Chedun Film & TV Base 上影车墩影视基地
Shanghai Film and Movie Studio reproduces full sets of "South Street" and site real scene " Nanjing Road in 1930s ", "Shanghai Lane Residence", and provides ideal environmental conditions of shooting for the film and television, and opens up a new way for people to see again the old Shanghai colorful style in which the Shanghai classic scenes and buildings are reproduced at the beginning of the last century. The elements such as Nanjing Road, Sincere Department Store, Moller Villa, T. V. Soong former residence, Xujiahui Catholic Church and the tram, telephone booth full of the old Shanghai style bring people back to the era of luxury and dissipation.
Take a ride on the trolley car to run through Nanjing Road with bell rattled, as if through a time tunnel—here is old Shanghai in 1930s! The top three Department Stores - Sincere, Wing On, Sinsin which opened business at the beginning of the 20th century are erected opposite to each other, Sanyang Grocery, Shen Dacheng snack shop, Risheng Shop, Sheng Xifu Shoe & Hat store, Yi Letian Teahouse, Wang Xingji Fan Shop, Hendry Watch Shop, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors… Shanghai old street, stone gate lane, Suzhou Creek embankments, Zhejiang Road Steel Bridge, and you can taste old Shanghai style snacks, watch the old Shanghai traditional acrobatics on the verge of extinction, feel galloping fun riding horse, you can even see the Catholic Church, medieval Chateau and European style buildings of Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and other countries.

乘坐在有轨电车上,可一路叮叮当当经过南京路,仿佛穿过了时光隧道--30年代旧上海到了!20世纪初就开业的先施、永安、新新三大公司相峙而望,三阳南货店、沈大成点心店、日升楼、盛锡福鞋帽店、王星记扇庄、亨得利钟表店、张小泉刀剪..... 上海传统街道、石库门里弄、苏州河驳岸、浙江路钢桥,尝一尝旧上海的风味小吃,看一看濒临绝迹的旧上海传统杂耍,感受一下骑马飞驰的乐趣,甚至还可见到天主教教堂、中世纪酒庄及英、法、德、西班牙、挪威等国风格的欧式建筑。

  • Shanghai
  • 85ha
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2008