• Hibiscus Haoting Cultural Business City 芙蓉豪庭文化商业城
The project is positioned as the urban complex integrated with commerce, culture, office hotel and apartments. In the design of Hibiscus Haoting super high-rise office building, the architects works out a new interpretation for the landmark from the perspective of respect to the nature, city and user. In the high-dense urban center, convenient transportation, the front line lake-view resources, large area of parks and greenery and optimal urban display side...... many favorable conditions point to here.
The modern and transparent architectural vocabulary has been interpreted very well in the super high-rise hotel office building. Two office buildings are made of crystal clear glass body block combining vertical moldings, to shape tall architectural form. The tower sketches out a sharp architectural style by the oblique metal trimming at the corner. The design approach in the custom-designed office space is an exploration and innovation, and in the future will form a new trend.
As Mr. Feng Jicai said: “A landmark in a city is a living unique historical building with the soul which should be able to record the times, reflecting the city personality, and be retained in living memory.” And in the process of modernization, the Hibiscus Haoting Cultural Business City super high-rise office building project will bring a more exciting interpretation to Changsha as “a new landmark” of a city. 


  • Changsha Hunan Pro
  • 2.57ha
  • 210000sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2011