• Hanyuan Hotel 汉源宾馆
Hanyuan Hotel in Pei County is located in central district of Pei County in Xuzhou City known as "birthplace of emperors and generals and prime ministers since ancient times”, the first four-star hotel in Pei County. The hotel is 2-4level overall frame structured, with a variety of 248 units of rooms. It is a garden-style hotel integrated with accommodation, catering and entertainment.
The project site is located in Class 4A scenic spot – on the northwest side of Hancheng Park, built lakefront in Hancheng Park and surrounded by the entire park, and totally integrated with the park. The overall building of 
hotel is of modern architectural style with fusion of Han dynasty cultural characteristics. The plan uses garden-style layout for land and buildings to achieve a beautiful landscape environment from inner to outer appearance by means of surrounding the inner garden and laying out unit building on all sides. 
All rooms, offices, clubs, restaurants, all of them "hide" in the embrace of trees and lawn. Each floor has a special planting bed, Pungent, roses, spring vine ...... continue blooming and evergreen throughout the year. The viewing platform, inner lake area, outer lake area and other blocks enhance each other’s beauty. The hotel has become a veritable garden-style hotel, creating a unique rural scenery with one view by moving each step, “people in the painting while shop in the scene ", thus fully enjoying the natural beauty.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 5.8ha
  • 35000sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2007