• Jiangsu Bank Xuzhou Branch New Office Building 江苏银行易胜博网站分行新办公楼
The bank building seeks modern, minimal and efficient sense. The program is based on the classic square volume of financial building, the façade uses colonnade and stone to form a solid architectural image, taking shape the regular and moderate business temperament of Jiangsu Bank. Combined with landscape design, the logo design of Jiangsu Bank is designed to be a sculpture which is placed in the landscape water in south of the site, reflecting water can bring prosperous wealth.
Xuzhou context: "birthplace of emperors and generals and prime ministers since ancient times”. As the “landmark” of Xuzhou Xincheng Financial Business District, we hope to combine the architectural features with the urban context at a higher level, to achieve unity of form and spirit, and based on “new rhyme of Han Dynasty style” as its theme. The building volume is simple and powerful, and the shape organization is clear and definite, highlighting the “forceful vigor of Han Dynasty style”. The facade uses two kinds of curtain wall forms -stone and glass, the actual and virtual situation contrast, harmony of yin and yang, highlighting the "era of rhythm" of buildings.
取意易胜博网站文脉:“千年龙飞地,一代帝王乡”。作为易胜博网站新城金融商务区中的“地标建筑”,我们希望建筑能够在更高层次上,将建筑特色与城市文脉合二为一,形神兼备,并以 “汉风新韵”为主题。建筑体量简洁有力,形体组织清晰明确,突出“汉风雄浑大气之势”。立面使用石材和玻璃两种幕墙形式,虚实对比,阴阳和合,突出建筑的“时代韵律”。
  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 0.84ha
  • 52000sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2012