• Jianghai Stainless City Office Complex Building 江海不锈钢城商办综合楼
The project is located in east of Third Ring East Road, west of Beizhan Road, south of Heping Road east extension in Yunlong District of Xuzhou City, close to Yunlong District People's Court, connects to Xuzhou High-speed Rail East Station in east, Sanhuan East Elevated Expressway in west, at the distance of about 2.2 km from Yunlong district Government.
From the perspective of city's cytology, a perfect city must have coexistence of commonness and characteristics to have vitality. Therefore, the design not only respects the urban planning restrictions, but also highlights the office features, making use of "separation, suppression, zigzag" approaches to create "upright, carry, transfer, gather" complete and rich spatial sequence variation, it also introduces smooth lines in the landscape to break "square" shaped profile texture of building, while incorporating the "round" shaped element of building, reflecting " the firm sense in the soft”, “harmony of round and square ” cultural spirit to integrate the buildings with landscape, and then with the city as a whole. The facade design uses the simple and perfect minimal principle, through simple shapes, geometry and line combinations, soft and elegant color design, concise exquisite detail design, to achieve the perfect unity of various elements, reflecting the modern office efficient, broad, fair and inclusive global practices.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 1.51ha
  • 35800sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2015