• Pei County Cambridge Fudi Community 沛县剑桥府邸易胜博官网
The site is located at the road on northern side of Tangmu Road, the road on eastern side of Hongguang Road. The building space layout concept: one lake: the waterscape in the middle of community is designed to be east-west axis of the landscape; two peninsula: the high-rise buildings combine the banks of water features to be across two peninsula; three groups: the interior space combines the points and plates of high-rise building to enclose into three high-rise building groups. Four axes: two north-south green axis formed by boulevards, one east-west blue axis formed by waterscape, one north-south space axis formed by buildings. 
The project consists of a multilevel, high-rise, independent featured commercial street, boutique apartments, prestigious club, international kindergarten and other types. The neo-classical style of buildings and the Royal garden-style landscape are like natural. The well-built Cambridge Literary Avenue, Newton famous remarks garden and other humanistic knowledge landscape in the community make the residents immersed in the humanistic cultural heritage amid leisure and entertainment.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 9.88ha
  • 252000sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2010