• Xuzhou ETDZ Electronic Medical Technology Park 易胜博网站经济开发区电子医疗科技园
It rationally lay out road network and internal roads within all land parcels in the park from the perspective of overall plan design, enabling it to contact with and divide from each other, to meet the different requirements of 
buildings in different land parcels for transport. The main entrance of the park is located in Yang Shan Road. A large entrance plaza is built at the entrance, to not only enhance the environmental ecological benefit and the overall vigor of the whole park, but also solve the circular traffic problems of other parcels.
Taking into account the office nature of the project, under the premise of integrating the surrounding environment, the building facade uses simple, bright glass curtain wall and metal joist as the focus of design. From the environment space to various small greeneries in the green landscape, it creates a green atmosphere everywhere. The plan of green space uses a combination of line and plane models, the small green square is laid out within all land parcels, and connected with green ribbon or to the boulevard. The main entrance is set up with entrance theme park, with concentrated greenery layout.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 5.11ha
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2012