• Xuzhou Xincheng Dist Xinyuan Avenue Middle School 易胜博网站市新城区新元大道中学
Design starting point: to create a human environment, so that the children of civilians feel the nobility life on campus; reference: Chinese private school, Western College; design elements: courtyard and cloister.
Quadrangle courtyard form is our perfect interpretation of the space for middle school. Our vision is a "home", which is a safe, reliable, peaceful, joyous place. Semi-enclosed courtyard is inspired from Chinese traditional private school, walls with revealing apricot flowers, courtyard with floating leaves, serene old tutor, crisp reading sound - holy classroom! So is the medieval European public school which has strong religious roots. Recite Bible, eulogize the virtues, rigorous education to cultivate noble qualities. Here we hope to bring “learn”, “home”, “ceremony “atmosphere to this project through the quadrangle courtyard form.

设计要素:庭院 回廊 

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 4.22ha
  • 21700sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2012