• Weifang Shanghe Main Street 潍坊市白浪河绿洲湿地公园·尚河商业街
The project is located in the east of Weifang City Bailang River Oasis Wetland Park, on the southern edge ofWeifang city, close to Jichang Road on the eastern side.
Cultural connotation: it reproduces ancient Shandong rhyme, becoming a tourism catching point of Bailang River Oasis Wetland Park. Business connotation: perfect combine the BLOCK commercial streets with traditional architecture planning. Artistic connotation: the vitality center of contemporary art. Commercial Street plan emphasizes geomancy law" there must be spirit where surrounded by mountains and embraced by waters," introducing a main street into pedestrian crowd, setting up a round lake at the far end of the street, and ending up with the mountain-shaped building at the end of the lake. The mountain-shaped  building can not only gather essence and spirit in terms of geomancy law, but also the mountain-shaped  building is backdrop wall for stage in the middle of lake, as the ending of the entire project. In the commercial street planning, it adheres to principle “winding path leads to a secluded quiet place, varying sceneries with changing view-points”. The main street uses the zigzag shape, and nodes are enlarged in zigzag shape, the stage serves as on the opposite scene, to achieve the effect- hear the voice before seeing, playing a good role in guiding. The secondary street mainly combines with the inner courtyard, creating a rich spatial variations.

文化内涵:再现齐鲁故韵 ,成为白浪河绿洲湿地公园的旅游引爆点。商业内涵:将BLOCK商业街区与传统建筑规划完美结合。艺术内涵:当代艺术的活力中心。商业街规划重视“山环水抱必有气”的风水定律,以一条主街引入人流,在街的尽端设置一个圆形湖面,在湖面的末端以山形的建筑收尾。山形建筑不仅在风水上藏风聚气,同时山形建筑也是湖心舞台的背景墙,作为整个项目的收尾。在商业街的规划上,曲径通幽、步移景异的原则 。主街采用折形的形状。在折形上放大节点,以戏台作为对景,未见先闻声,起到良好的引导作用。次街主要结合内院,创造丰富变化的空间。

  • Weifang Shandong Pro
  • 6.71ha
  • 53700sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2015