• Vanke Huaihai Tiandi Hai Yu 万科地产淮海天地·海誉
The project is Phase II project following Vanke Huaihai Tiandi 800,000 square meters diverse commercial complex. The program reflects the respect and attention to surrounding environment of in terms of overall layout, the facade types, landscape design and other aspects, and through the rational layout strategy and formal language similar to Huaihai Tiandi, so that the block is actively integrated into the whole atmosphere of the surrounding environment and becomes a landmark in west area of Xuzhou.
Whole new upgraded product offers private customized style home furnishing option, the decoration style is free and flexible to meet individual needs and work out a comprehensive solution to home furnishing program; Xuzhou takes lead to provide haze removal fresh air system, offering 24-hour clean fresh air to bring fresh indoor air to the owners and create a healthy and comfortable home environment; the innovative weather-proof link corridor in the community is rare on Xuzhou, when strolling in the community, the residents can be protected from the wind and rain, o that the life is more calm and pleasant; the community adopts front and back yards 
design pattern to highlight the grand and spectacular welcoming style. Multiple unique landscape groups, create 
scarce green ecological living community in the downtown; the ingenious star-rated hotel-style entrance lobby is transparent and gorgeous to create the noble and comfortable feeling.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 6.37ha
  • 314600sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2015