• Xuzhou Xincheng Dist Taihang East Road Primary School 易胜博网站市新城区太行东路小学
The project land is wedge-shaped, wide in east while narrow in west, and the north-south width is approximately equal, near Taihang East Road in south, near Jing 13 in east, and in north and west is residential land.
Based on functional requirements, the various functions are clearly and rationally zoned, each block has different function. The general teaching building is divided into two units, both are in north-south layout. The comprehensive experimental building is located at the entrance side which makes very good control of the image of the entire school. The music and sports classrooms and lecture hall lay out in the block of main entrance on the eastern side, to reduce interference to ordinary classroom.
The stairs and link corridor at the main entrance of teaching building is the traffic core of the entire building. This interspersed volume brings to building an active factor, and adds to the fun of campus space.
In order to provide more activity spaces, reduce building density and increase greenery rate, the design places part of the auxiliary functions in the underground floors, and makes use of the roof of the restaurant as  extra-curricular activity venue. In the vertical direction it enriches the space levels of the entire campus.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 2.98ha
  • 18400sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2015