• Midea Real Estate Xuzhou City Xincheng Dist Midea Plaza 美的地产易胜博网站新城区美的广场
The project is located in the west of Dalong Lake central area in Xincheng District of Xuzhou City, the intersection of Kunlun Avenue and Hanyuan Avenue in Xincheng District of Xuzhou City.It is designed to create a warm and pleasant neighborhood shopping center, providing life support services for the surrounding residents, so as to become a leisure space in which the residents can enjoy both of shopping and party. The atrium enclosed space strengthens the core thematic function of the central business district, and adjusts the urban roads, expands business volume in the central area, and make use of business organization type of atrium neighborhood blocks, thus fully enhancing the core values of the commercial center, making use of the radiation effect at both ends of core business dominant value, finally increasing the value of retail shops in main office building podium.
The design of office building combines the current market needs with the product risk level, the office products are built into home-based work with the moderate floor area and affordable total price, the body exterior surface focuses on the impact of urban display side, the building techniques put emphasis on the performance of modern buildings composition to strive to create regional landmarks image. The roof is built with additional helipad to improve office grade.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 2.6ha
  • 111243sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2013