• Greenland Group Xuzhou High-speed Railway Station Square Parcel K 绿地集团易胜博网站高铁站前广场K地块
The project is located to south of the High Speed Rail South Road, borders on Zhanchang Road in east, close to 
Zhanqian Road in west, in east is Xuzhou High-speed Railway Station. The function is positioned as a commercial and office area.
Plan design concept: the land plan unfolds from “one ring and two courtyard with multi-node” to form a complete harmonious combination of commercial and business office, reflecting a clear rational spatial planning structure, so as to achieve a reasonable connection with the urban space, as well as the perfect combination of all functional areas inside the parcel.
One ring: the peripheral commercial ring of the parcel, on the southern side is the business office building. So as to make that the commercial space with concentrated pedestrian crowd and business office area are relatively independent in space, to form a good pedestrian flow zoning. Two courtyards: mainly refers to two internal courtyards of internal street space enclosed by the external commercial ring. Multi-node: mainly refers to that within the commercial ring, through the non-coherent building interface, three-dimensional intersperse of space, and other design techniques, forming a number of small walking commercial space, these spaces will become attract pedestrian flow to commercial, it also provides people with a semi-outdoor urban recreation space through the roof- top cover structure.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 1.55ha
  • 75600sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2012