• Xuzhou Xincheng Dist Jingshi Road Primary School 易胜博网站新城区经十路小学
The project is the proposed project of Jing 10. Road Primary School in Xincheng District of Xuzhou City. The site is located in south of Hanfeng Road in Xincheng District. The proposed size is non-boarding schools with 36 classrooms, the proposed buildings are administrative building, teaching building and playground.
The whole campus is in courtyard layout, the buildings with similar functions enclose to form several courtyards with a clear recognition. The teaching building is in southward layout, each classroom has good lighting, creating a good learning environment. The administration building, teaching building and library lay out around the entrance plaza, to increase grandeur of plaza, so as to form the street-front display side.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 2.91ha
  • 20400sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2012